Dead fox by the road | PANORAMA DIARY

Dreaming the road

What if manufacturers of all kinds of vehicles were

End of summer on bicycle | PANORAMA DIARY

Approaching end of summer

And having good time.

Used tire pile | PANORAMA DIARY

Tired tires

Although it doesn’t look optimistic I can assure you

Sand mine evening | PANORAMA DIARY

Sand mine lake

Our successful trip ends with a picturesque sunset over

Hidden mattress | PANORAMA DIARY

Old treasures

While looking for a medieval settlement in this location,

Working mill interior | PANORAMA DIARY

Inside the mill

I asked the miller how to distinguish between good

Barefoot walk | PANORAMA DIARY

Barefoot walk

There is nothing better than walking barefoot in the

Urbex in the village | PANORAMA DIARY


If urban exploration is called “urbex”, what is the