Lovers hands | PANORAMA DIARY

Old year ends, new love begins

Wish you happiness!

Ghost of the logged forest | PANORAMA DIARY

I met the Ghost of the logged forest

He said he’s pissed off about this whole situation.

Rawka by the winter | PANORAMA DIARY

Rawka by autumn

As beautiful as in the summer and uninhabited as

Autumn dune forest | PANORAMA DIARY

Autumn dunes

Everyone has the beach they deserve.


Another halo

Although this picture is not best quality it shows

Wrocław Główny train station by night | PANORAMA DIARY

Wrocław Główny spot

Best corner at whole train station.

Full Moon Party street art expo Warsaw | PANORAMA DIARY

Full Moon Party

Lot of appeal, as always at FMP.

Academic year inauguration at Warsaw Art School | PANORAMA DIARY

Academic year Inauguration

So I am returning to the profession of an