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Abandoned Zofiówka Sanatorium

Abandoned in 1998, Zofiówka had very difficult history. Zofiówka Sanatorium is a defunct mental health facility in the town of Otwock in Poland, built at the beginning of the 20th century. In the Second Polish Republic, the sanatorium complex was expanded with more buildings and staff. Zofiówka initially had 95 beds, but this number had increased to 275 by 1935. The Jewish history of Zofiówka came to its end in the course of the Holocaust following the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany.

After the war, until the mid-1980s, tuberculosis was treated in Zofiówka. At the beginning, the sanatorium admitted young people, and from 1968 – adults. In 1985, the hospital was reverted to its original name and it was treated again for neuropsychiatric conditions, but the patients were mostly children. There was a ward for children with neuropsychiatric disorders, for adolescents addicted to drugs and for adults with mental illness. Currently, the facility is devastated (from Wikipedia).

Still no mark of python presence whatsoever. Even Joanna disappeared though she’s on this very picture.

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