PANORAMA DIARY | Funeral of the grandpa

Grandfather’s funeral

Józef Wiejak, born March 16, 1924. He was a veteran, a soldier of the Second Polish Army, and with it he walked the entire combat route from the place of its formation until the end of hostilities. After drafting on September 5, 1944, he was assigned to 37th PP 7DP to the economic platoon with the rank of rifleman, senior cook. From January 15, 1945, the march to the front in the direction of Szczecin and then Wroclaw. At that time, he became the deputy commander of the economic platoon and then took part in Forcing the Nysa Łużycka (Neisse) River. The regiment fought fierce battles to gain a foothold on its west bank. Then it pressed in the north-west direction. He led defensive battles at Spree, Hähnichen, Quolsdorf, Daubnitz, and then at Klitten.

In the Prague operation, the regiment fought in the Rumburg area. The combat trail ended in Czechoslovakia near Broch. On June 13, 1945, Józef Wiejak was promoted to the rank of corporal. Together with the economic department, he secured the post-German property in the vicinity of Bogatynia. On October 25, 1945, he was transferred to the 1st Division of the Border Protection Forces in Lubań — a corporal with no function at the transport platoon. Demobilized on March 8, 1947. After the war, he stayed in Lusatia and settled in Lasów. He participated in the reconstruction of Pieńsk, and for many years he took an active part in the social life of the local community.

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