Danger snake warning plate | PANORAMA DIARY


On Saturday, July 7th, on the Vistula River near Piaseczno, a five-meter long snake’s skin was found. The moult probably belonged to a tiger python. The Animal Rescue Poland organization received a notification that a huge reptile may roam the Vistula River. After arriving, the representatives of the foundation carefully checked the area and found its second part in the tall grass. The discarded skin was more than five meters long and about 50 cm in circumference. A snake specialist and breeder confirmed that the traces found on the spot were left by a large snake. On Sunday, the foundation’s inspectors and volunteers searched the Vistula coast near the place where the skin was found, but the snake has not yet been found.

As Animal Rescue Poland informs on its website, “the moult is fresh, so the snake is ravenous and can be aggressive”. Activists suspect that it may be a thoughtless joke of a snake breeder who tossed his pet’s skin on the bank of the Vistula River. However, it cannot be ruled out that the danger snake simply escaped from the farm. “We assume that the threat is real” warns the foundation. Animal Rescue appeals to the residents of Gassy, ​​Dębina, Ciszyca, Czernownica, Łęg villages for special caution and asks you to refrain from walking and sleeping in the open air in this area. It is also recommended to closely observe the area. (source: “Gazeta Wyborcza”, July 9th 2018)

So we do begin. With a nutritious breakfast.

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