Geopoetics and photography

Walking through life, we traverse many places. Well-known or completely new geographic spaces which, due to our presence in them, can be defined as territories. By the uniqueness of our perception of the world, instantly they become private. PANORAMA DIARY is an attempt to document my private territories in the form of a panoramic photographic landscape. Not only in the artistic sense (as a landscape or a staffage), but also geographically (as a whole of natural and anthropogenic features of a specific area). As an experience of space, as a kind of geopoetics.

Geopoetics can be seen as claiming the right to explain all sorts of issues related to space, understood as an inalienable component of any artistic experience and practice […]*. As a research orientation, it poses the question of how space influences culture and how cultural phenomena change our perception of this space. Although this term refers to a narrow field of literary research, it perfectly reflects the idea of ​​the series and I use it here intentionally.

The diary can also be seen as a much more universal document. Captured scenes have a specific spatial context (however this does not apply to all photographs). And with a precisely assigned geographic location, each panorama becomes an in situ document, that can be referred to at any time.

This project has one more important goal. It is the retention of memories that all inevitably fade in the memory. Especially when they are good, cinematic memories. Much of the diary presents my family and closest friends, and I would like to record these memories in particular.

The impression of image continuity is strengthened not only by the film aspect ratio of a single panorama (2.40: 1), but also by the uniform form of the entire series. As a whole, PANORAMA DIARY is supposed to be a kind of motion picture in itself. Possibly colorful and diverse.

Each panorama is captured by the smartphone’s built-in camera as a sequence of single photos. I combine this sequence in post-production into a homogeneous, wide picture. I don’t use the panoramic camera mode due to the unpredictable results it gives.