Welcome to my personal “iphoneography” panoramic photo diary. Since wider view has many benefits, it’s in panoramic format. “Two-four-oh” (2.40:1) to be precise, to make memories cinematic as possible.

Idea to create this project came with beginning of 2010, when I turned everything upside down in my life. From this moment diary presents photographic documentary of my living. I take panoramas to remember people, moments, situations or anything I consider important. Some of them are personal, some were taken just for documentary purposes. Significant part of the series features my family and closest friends so it’s also addressed to them.

All pictures were captured using various generations of iPhone as a sequence of photos then stitched afterwards in postproduction. None of the panoramas published here is made by native “panorama” smartphone camera feature. I’m not using it due to unpredictable results it gives, especially for moving objects. Although I care a lot about image quality, remember it’s only smartphone camera and some image artifacts may occure.

Until 2018 diary was live on several social media platforms (tumblr, flickr). In 2018 I decided to host it independently and here only.